Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am that person

                  Shirt/Button up: F21, Boots: Go Jane                                             

Somebody asked me today if I was making a fashion statement. What a weird question to ask. It was the same guy who said you jolted me. Do you think it's the bright colours? The stripes? I don't get it. I actually liked my outfit today!
And another thing. Are you the type of person to tell someone that there tag is sticking out, if there shirt is inside out, or that there buttons are not aligning? Or do you just leave it? Well the zipper on my boot was un-done about 1/5 from the top today and no one told me. It was noticeable too. Nobody told me and I didn't notice until I saw the pictures of my outfit today. I didn't post any' cause it looks silly. It's the left boot and you can kind of see it in the first top picture. 

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