Saturday, February 26, 2011


Cardi: Gap, Button up: Old Navy, Jeggings: Hollister, Boots: Famous Footwear, Knee Highs: Ardene

Yesterday on my way from work, I found this green door. It reminds me of high school lockers for some reason. It was fun to take pictures here. I like finding fun little places to take pictures. Vancouver has a lot of hidden gems. I tell ya. . 
Not much into writing today...lots of blank, empty stares at the computer screen...duuuuhhh
That's all folks. 
Have a delightful weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a Robson Street Miracle

Cardi: Old Navy, Skirt: American Apparel, Tank: ??, Boots: Go Jane, Tights: Gap, Belt: F21

It truly is my friends. I went to Robson Street on my lunch break today and I -didn't-buy-anything. Holy crow! It's a Robson Street miracle. I went into one of my favourite stores, Dynamite and saw soo many things I wanted and left the store empty handed. Wowzers.
On a different note, isn't this a fun little box thingy? I think so. And it was sunny today, hence the squinting of the eyes.  I looooved it. 
Tomorrow is Friday and I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The weather outside is...

Blazer/Pants: Dynamite, Shirt: F21, Shoes: Aldo, Belt: ??
...coooooooold. Jeepers! As I write this it's 6:00 pm and it's 1 degree outside,only it feels like -3 degrees. That's celsius ps. Tomorrow and the next day and the next day is going to be even colder. 
My problem with this is, I hate wearing dress pants. Hate hate hate. Almost as much as I hate wearing glasses. Scratch that, I hate wearing dress pants even more. I only own three pairs of dress pants. That must be some kind of record, I'm sure of it. Do you have something that you hate to wear, but sometimes just have to? I think in my last picture up there I'm actually saying "I hate wearing dress pants".
I tell you, no more!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Three wonderful things

 Dress: Aritzia, Top: F21, Tights: Dynamite, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Necklace: F21
 Isabellas dress whom her momma saved for a whole year: Winners

First things first. Meet Isabella. Isn't she the cutest in the whole wide world? She melts my heart, she really really does. It's her very first birthday today. Such a little angel. Goodness me. I can hardly contain myself. Happy birthday sweet heart!
Secondly, I went to the gym again today. I just started a few weeks back and loooove it. I reached my first goal! Only I wish I knew if the darn machine meant 3.12 kms or miles in 28 minutes. I was hauling my toosh the whole time. Either way, yay me! Toot toot again. 
Thirdly, I am very happy that a very hard worker I work with who is super great finally got the acknowledgment she deserves without even having to ask for it.  It makes me so happy and it's not even me. 
Life is grand friends, grand!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toot Toot

Shirt: F21, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Go Jane, Bracelet: Gift

All smiles today, well yesterday. Yesterday was Friday and I was so darn happy. I wanted to tie it in a nice pretty bow. 
I was also having a wonderful hair day. Not to toot my own horn, but dang it looked good. This outfit was really comfy too. It was also sunny. I love the sun and haven't seen it in a loooong time, as you can see. This all made my Friday pretty wonderful.
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You "NO", right?


Dress/Button up: F21, Tights: Gap, Booties: Aldo Kids, Belt: Thrifted

 How many people out there have a hard time saying no? Well I am one of those people. I'm not sure if work can be separated into a different category where you can't say no. Can you? Remember this little post about being able to do 10 things at once? Ok, so I can. I proved it. I don't want to have to do 10 things at once everyday. This has been my work week. And because I can do 10 things at once, I'm going in early tomorrow to do my 10 things I didn't have a chance to do because I was doing the 10 other things people wanted me to do. 
Jeepers. This is hard work.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whizzing by

Skirt: F21, Cardigan: Gap, Tank: Smart Set, Tights: Dynamite, Shoes: Aldo, Belt: F21

I cannot believe how fast today went by. In fact, I can't believe that it's Wednesday tomorrow. Working in the legal industry is like working out. Well not really. Better to say, it's a work out for your mind.  Man, I didn't know I was capable of doing 10 things at once, but I can! I proved it today. Only no one was watching. Darn. 
You know a lot of people say "I hope this week goes by fast." But do you really? That means you're one week older and your life is whizzing by. I don't want my life to whizzzz by. So, I try not to say that too much. Because I don't mean it. 
Anywho, I hope you're all having a good week so far!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's! Everyday!

Tunic: F21, Cardigan: Gap, Leggings: Mantique, Boots: Go Jane, Heart Necklace: ??

So I'm not too into Valentine's day, but I thought I would dress up a little for it. Well not dress up, but wear items that represent Valentines day. Flowers, hearts, pink and red. It really did make me cheery. People at work today asked what B and I were doing for Valentine's because I was so dressed up and I said absolutely nothing. B and I have Valentine's everyday. We don't need one day to celebrate our loving, we need 365 days! So friends, here's to having Valentine's 365 days a year *high five*

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How about that weather

Jacket: Aritzia, Hoodie: American Eagle, Tank: Dynamite, Leggings: Garage, Boots: Go Jane

Today I woke up and the weather was not at its finest. Living in Vancouver that's what you get. Not if's, and's or but's. It's freezing! However, it is a perfect day to take your laundry over to the in-laws. If it were sunny I'm sure we wouldn't do such things.
I'm also talking to my Sissy on the phone. I've decided I miss her. We need to do a twin blog session soon. That would be soooo much fun. I already know she would love to. We are twins you know. 
Hope you're all having a good weekend so far!

Friday, February 11, 2011

You "jolted" me

Skirt: Aritzia, Cardigan: Old Navy: Shirt: Garage, Tights: Dynamite, Shoes: Walmart, Scarf: I dunno

This is what someone said to me today. I "jolted" them with my colourfulness. I have to admit, I was pretty bright and colourful. I reminded myself of that movie Sin City, where only bright colours would show and everything else would be gray or black. Especially my shoes. Holy moly batman! They're pretty bright! 
Anyways, cuddle time now! Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping in my closet

Shirt: Ardene, Pants: Dynamite, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Jewels: Gift

 The thing I love about browsing blogs is it gives me ideas on what to wear, obviously. Or what I can wear. It's nice to see people mismatching items and it looks so good. It's helped me to think outside the box. Not using this outfit as an example of course. BORING! Except for the shoes. I totally forgot I had these shoes (I got them like 3 years ago) until Sydney from The Daybook wore them one day. I was like oh my gosh! I have those shoes! It was like I just went shoe shopping, but I actually didn't. I just went shopping in my closet. I love when that happens!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Honeybuns

Skirt/Cardigan/Tank: Dynamite, Shoes: Go Jane, Tights: Gap, Jewels: Le Chateau

So I know everyone says they have the greatest boyfriend or husband or fiance, but I really do. Like really do. This morning I woke up at 3 am, wide awake. I woke my boyfriend up because I was bored and lonely.  I hate lying there alone. "Hey babe? Babe? Babe? Babe? He says, "yes tootsy pop?" I say, "are you sleeping?" Then he cuddles me. Then he couldn't get back to sleep and I did. As grouchy as he was this morning he still took pictures of me before he and I went to work. AND he doesn't work tomorrow and I bet you he'll still get up with me to take my pictures.  He's so magnificent.
Now he's making me dinner, then he'll let me watch Kendra.