Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take two...


Dress: Dynamite, Shoes: Walmart

Late-er post this evening. B, his parents and I went to a fabulous Italian restaurant for dins in the West End called La Notte. Sounds so exotic doesn't it? It was a really wonderful evening, but now I'm pooped and super full.  
I must add that it's very strange to only have two things to list for my outfit today. I guess I could tell you where I got my tights from, but you can get them anywhere. Although I do have an extremely hard time finding tights that don't fall to my knees. I hate that. I try for as long as I can with some other tights I have (tights that are not from the GAP or Dynamite which by the way are sold out allllll the time!) not to yank them up because you know in about 5 minutes you're going to have to do it again and maybe this time they might snap in half. Thank goodness that's never happened to me before. But I've heard of it happening.

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