Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The weather outside is...

Blazer/Pants: Dynamite, Shirt: F21, Shoes: Aldo, Belt: ??
...coooooooold. Jeepers! As I write this it's 6:00 pm and it's 1 degree outside,only it feels like -3 degrees. That's celsius ps. Tomorrow and the next day and the next day is going to be even colder. 
My problem with this is, I hate wearing dress pants. Hate hate hate. Almost as much as I hate wearing glasses. Scratch that, I hate wearing dress pants even more. I only own three pairs of dress pants. That must be some kind of record, I'm sure of it. Do you have something that you hate to wear, but sometimes just have to? I think in my last picture up there I'm actually saying "I hate wearing dress pants".
I tell you, no more!


  1. Loving your blog babe. Keep us the great work.

  2. I've been searching for a white blazer for ages! Yours looks great!


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