Monday, June 3, 2013

My first kick!

Cardi: Old Navy
Dress: Walmart
Shoes: Ardene
Purse: Aldo
Yesterday, at 18 weeks and and 5 days I felt and SAW my baby angel kick for the first time. It was like a 10 minute stretch full of kicks!. Husband was able to run upstairs and see it himself! It was such a cool thing to experience and to be able to see it for the first time with my husband! At first I wasn't sure what it was because I was just lying down holding my tummy, but when I actually looked I saw it poke out! I really thought that I would be creeped out feeling and seeing it for the first time. Surprisingly, I wasn't at all! It was the cutest little thing ever!
Gosh so sorry for all this baby talk! But I got baby brain! Haha


  1. ahhhh you're prego!! Sorry its been way to long since I've stopped by but congrats hun!!! xoxooxo

  2. oh, so exciting! :D

    and you´re so pretty!

  3. How amazing are those first kicks! Such a little blessing. Enjoy them!! :)

    xx Lynzy


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