Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's! Everyday!

Tunic: F21, Cardigan: Gap, Leggings: Mantique, Boots: Go Jane, Heart Necklace: ??

So I'm not too into Valentine's day, but I thought I would dress up a little for it. Well not dress up, but wear items that represent Valentines day. Flowers, hearts, pink and red. It really did make me cheery. People at work today asked what B and I were doing for Valentine's because I was so dressed up and I said absolutely nothing. B and I have Valentine's everyday. We don't need one day to celebrate our loving, we need 365 days! So friends, here's to having Valentine's 365 days a year *high five*

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  1. Very cute Valentine's Day look. I'm not huge into the day either but thought i'd get festive in red!

    (btw, that vintage dress is from Adorable little shop)



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