Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping in my closet

Shirt: Ardene, Pants: Dynamite, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Jewels: Gift

 The thing I love about browsing blogs is it gives me ideas on what to wear, obviously. Or what I can wear. It's nice to see people mismatching items and it looks so good. It's helped me to think outside the box. Not using this outfit as an example of course. BORING! Except for the shoes. I totally forgot I had these shoes (I got them like 3 years ago) until Sydney from The Daybook wore them one day. I was like oh my gosh! I have those shoes! It was like I just went shoe shopping, but I actually didn't. I just went shopping in my closet. I love when that happens!


  1. It has happen to me! Have had stuff sitting on my closet for ages, and then I see other bloggers with similar or same wearing them in the cutest ways, and then I think to myself; duh! Why haven't I thought about it before! ... I'm huge Sydney fan, she's amazing! Looking good, nice you got to finally wear those pumps, they are so chic!

  2. that is definitely one of the best things about browsing blogs! i love this look! so simple, but so chic! also, what a gorgeous place to take photos!


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