Friday, December 13, 2013


Holy smokes it's been a long time. I wasn't sure if and when I was going to update my blog, but my dad of all people mention it sometimes that I haven't posted anything since July. July...seems so long ago, but at the same time feels like yesterday.
I didn't have the easiest pregnancy from day one, so naturally my blog fell off the radar. I just didn't have the energy after 12 hour days to think of something witty and unnatural to say so I decided not to force it. I would have been the same thing everyday anyways, I'm tired and I feel fat. Hmph
(37 weeks)
I'm a new mom now! My son, Landon, was born on October 27, 2013 via emergency C-Section. He was 5 days early and came into my world with a bang! I can't tell you how much I read on the internets and in books all about pregnancy and labour. Sometimes reading the same thing over and over again just incase I missed something. I wanted to be prepared for the most trying, physically and emotional time in my life. My biggest mistake was skipping over the C-Section information. I never ever thought I would have to go through one. Oh that will never happen to
How I wish I hadn't. Here's my story:
My water broke at 4:15 pm on Sunday. I felt and heard a snap then what I know now was my first contraction, then the water then the blood then the frantic call to my sister who told me to call my midwife. Jeannie, my on call midwife, told me to meet her at the hospital at 5:15 and she'd check me out. I thought I'd be sent home like I've read and heard about most people having to do, false labour, let's start your labour at home, you're not ready etc, so I grabbed my hospital bag which I meant to check that day to see that I had everything, just in case. 
Four contractions later my husband and I arrived at the hospital, before the midwife. Waiting for her to arrive, my contractions started coming on stronger and stronger and more frequent. She finally arrived and when she checked me I was 4 cm. You won't be going home. Your baby will be here in hours. OMG. I was so freaked out and unprepared. 
I think no matter how much you try to prepare yourself for the birth of your baby you will never be that prepared. Contractions are no joke. Especially when you don't have hours and hours to gradually work them up. I had a few hours to go from 0 to 9 cm. I didn't have time to think about drugs. At 7 pm I was in the final stage of labour, pushing. I pushed and pushed for three and half hours. I kept saying to my midwife is he almost here? Can you see him? She kept reassuring me, but judging by my husbands face I knew I wasn't getting anywhere. The last straw was when my son's heart rate dropped. She never told me that, my husband told me after and that's when she decided to call in the OBGYN. After what seemed like an hour he finally arrived. He confirmed this baby wasn't  coming out without a little help. He called in the anesthesiologist. When she arrived I was already outside the OR room and in so much pain. She passed me this form and asked me to read it over and sign in 2 spots. Umm ok. That didn't happen haha. I'm not sure how they thought I'd be able to do it, but I understand the legality of it. My signature was a squiggle. 
They gave me a spinal tap. Try doing that while pushing ha! 
I ended up having a C-Section. Forcepts or a vacuum wasn't going to work for this little guy. He had turned OP - Occiput Posterior. He was sunny side up with his head turned to the side while trying to wiggle his way out. 
Landon was born at 11:25 pm. My sweet angel. Forever our lives will be changed.

I hope to post the after the birth update soon :) Thanks for hanging in there! 


  1. The baby is amazing. Such a cute angel
    I would love to invite you to a giveaway on my blog where you can win a comfy autumn cardigan.

  2. This is so beautiful, congratulations Carrie!!! By the way you had such a cute bump. ! All the best in your motherhood journey!


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