Monday, September 19, 2011

Silver lining

Button Up: Sister, Skirt: Le Chateau, Shoes: Ardene
 There is a silver lining to my lack of posting and crappy weekend. My Hunter Boots arrived in the mail today. Horrah! I snatched them at Shopbop on Friday. I'm looking forward to fall, winter and  spring now. Well actually fall and winter only because by Spring I am tired of Vancouver weather. I'm ready to take on those puddles and snow piles that I will encounter on my way to work.  I will no longer squish down the hallway at work with wet feet due to having no proper rain attire . Ew.

I spent the weekend in a tremendous amount of pain. Holy smokes! I ended up going to emergency. Spent 2.5 hours there hooked up to an IV. All the tests came back negative except for the ultrasound which they couldn't take because it was clooosed.  What hospital closes the radiology department on the weekends!? That's more of a statement, less of a question.  I'm not complaining really. We Canadians are very lucky with our health care system. I'm sure my little saunter into the emergency room would have left me broke in the US.  I did, however, have my ultrasound done today and well, I have to wait a week for the results! Aren't there a bajillion doctors in the hospital? Statement question 


  1. Great shirt and i love the sleeve. I've always wanted a pair of Hunter boots but we don't get that much rain where I live. Mostly just snow. Glad that you are feeling better and hope that everything comes back normal.

  2. I'm glad you got yourself some nice Hunters. I got me some last year and there are no regrets though it hardly rains in South Texas. I hope you're feeling better and lucky you with a great health care system! ;) greetings...


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