Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grouse Grind

What a wonderful long weekend it was here in Vancouver. Plenty of sun, time with friends and the Grouse Grind. For those of you who live in Vancouver, you've probably heard of the "the grind". For those of you who haven't, this is an extremely hard "hike". It's a hike up a side of a mountain.  A steep mountain.  Here are the specs on the grind:
Length: 2.9 Kilometers (1.8 miles)
Elevation: 853 meters (2800 feet)
Total stairs:2830
 Here are a couple of photos:
 This is the quarter way mark. I find the first 1/2 is the hardest.
I'm about to fall over here...
 And here we are at the top!
 This is my second time doing the Grind and I can say it's a titch bit easier the second time around, but by no means is it easy at all. 
If you want more info and pictures, this guy, Brian Taylor ,has a great story on it. If you're ever in Vancouver, or live here, I definitely recommend it. There is no other feeling comparable to the feeling you have when you make it to the top!
Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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