Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reel it in

Dress: Joe (Very Old), Cardi Gift/Costa Blanca (Old), Shoes: TOMS
I feel like I should have my fishing rod as an accessory for this outfit with little hooks poking out of my pockets. You know what, it may not be my fav outfit, but I'm tired today. 
The Vancouver riot review came out today.  It's all over the news and in the papers. Jeepers, it saddens me once again to see video footage of what happened to the city I live in. Drinking, drinking and drinking some more, is generally what they're saying and not enough law enforcement to control it. It's just gross. 


  1. i'm a newbie to your blog! such a cute look!

    alissa b

  2. adore this outfit. fishing pole missing and all. lol. great post. Would love if you'd check out my tribute to Rachel Zoe in honor of tonight's premier. xoxo

  3. hey girl:) your hair is amazing! looks so perfect.. p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation:

  4. Hi! I love your blog! can you visit mine? I hope you like!
    big kiss

  5. i love the colour of your dress - such a lovely fall colour..


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