Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twin Sisters

Top: Sister, Leggings: Aritzia, Shoes: Walmart
I just love being a twin. Day 3 of wearing something that my sister has given or lent to me. I think being a twin and having almost exactly the same body type is such a bonus. At 28, we still swap clothes with each other! The only thing we can't share is shoes. I was given the foot where the size is always sold out in stores (7.5 - 8). She has the dainty cute small foot (in case you're wondering what size that is, it's 6).  
Today would have been the perfect day to wear my Hunters. It started pouring in the middle of the day!


  1. I love combination of black and grey!
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  2. Hey girl lovely pics.

    we like it

    x hajar & Mounia

  3. isn't having a sister fun? i have 4 and we often share clothes! i, too, have a size 8 foot, whereas my sisters are all different! except 1, and she lived too far away to share! i love your tunic, it looks great on you!

  4. hey! Im a twin too!


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