Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy bee

Romper: UO, Top: Garage, Tights: Gap, Shoes: Ardene

What a week it's been! Sorry I haven't had the time to post anything.  
My birthday was this past weekend. I don't think I sat down until my afternoon nap at 4 pm on Sunday. Then, oh my gosh, they had a marathon on for My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Have you guys seen this show?? Wowzers. Very interesting. And the wedding dresses. Holy crow! Needless to say I stayed up waaaaay to late Sunday night. Fell flat on my face Monday after work.
Busy couple weeks ahead with my wonderful twin sister's bachelorette party and wedding! I've been quite the busy bee preparing for these events!
I do apologize ahead of time if my posting is infrequent. I'm sure most of you understand how busy weddings can be!


  1. I love My BIg Fat Gypsy Wedding! Their dresses are huge!

  2. very exciting life... I'm sure you were busy but happy. Your outfit is adorable, it goes really well with your tights and shoes.



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