Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vancouver IS a fun city

Dress: Billabong (a few years ago), Top: F21, Shoes: Walmart
 I must say that I am sooo happy that I wore this dress today. After numerous cups of coffee and a ginormous lunch, I'm feeling like a pregnant person. I will wear this dress when I am pregnant.
I went to sleep way too late last night (for me - that's 11 - laugh away my friends) and I had a couple drinks which I never do during the week. So I was tired and hungry all day. I tell ya, I'm kinda looking forward to all this hockey craziness being over with so my life can go back to normal.Whoever said "Vancouver is a no-fun city" was clearly mistaken. We ARE fun.
Game 7 tomorrow. And the game is in Vancouver. I can only imagine what this city will be like. Win or lose this city will be bonkers.
Pictures to come Thursday!

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  1. that's a cute dress! You don't need to be pregnant to wear it...haha...you have a nice casual chic style. Thanks for dropping by my blog with your lovely comments, following you!



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