Wednesday, April 6, 2011

East is East

Top: Le Chateau, Leggings: Garage, Boots: GoJane

This is where two co-workers and I went for dins this evening. True, authentic, Indian yummers. Wooden tables and seats that look like trees. This restaurant comes highly recommended by me if you're ever in Kitsilano. I knew I would be going there today so I wore my most Indian looking top.
As Sammy and I were walking to Rubes car to drive there today, I shouted "Shot gun!" Do you remember as a kid how big a deal it was to sit in the front seat? Whining, crying and pouting if you weren't fast enough and had to sit in the back. LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. What was the big deal with sitting in the front seat anyway? I guess I'm getting old. Or wait, I don't live with my twin sister and older brother anymore, therefore I don't have to share and I get to sit in the front seat allll the time. HA-HA.


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