Monday, April 4, 2011



Cardi: Gift/Costa Blanca, Top: Ardene, Skirt: American Apparel, Boots: GoJane, Tights: GAP

Of a place down south called Newport Beach. B's brother, who we are visiting down there in May, gave us a virtual tour of his house yesterday. Wowzers. My favourite part was his daughter, Maddy, colouring outside, in the sunshine, with a a tank top and shorts on, beside the fountain.  Precious. I can't wait my friends. It looks glorious down there.
Can't say that for Vancouver. Rain ruins everything. A good hair day. Dry clothes. Shoes. Your mood. I looked on the weather network today and it said it was "Light Rain" in Vancouver Pfft. Liars. 
So, for now, I will dream of LA. Sitting on the patio, colouring with Maddy under the sun. And going to the beach, lounging on sidewalk restaurants and shopping. 
Happy Monday! (sorta)


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