Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easy Peasy Easter Dessert

This is one of my most favourtist desserts on the planet, Zebra cake. My family has been making it since I was little. This is actually a good dessert to let your little ones make. You don't use anything sharp, nothing is hot and it's just plain fun for them (and me). I'd add sprinkles, but I didn't have any. Here tis:

 Mr. Christie Chocolate Wafers and Cool Whip Whipping Cream. I usually make my own whipping cream, but I don't have time today. I'm also using a casserole dish because I have to transport it later and I don't want it rolling onto my lap. Otherwise I would use a fancy flat dish.

Scoop whipping cream on wafer and stack.

 When it gets too wobbly to stack any longer, lay on the dish  and continue to stack.

  When the you have the amount you want, layer whipping cream all over the outside like so.

 Ta-da! This is what it'll looks like. See, super easy! Now, place in fridge for several hours. The longer you keep it in the fringe the better. The wafer adsorbs the whipping cream and makes it kind of cakey. When you're ready to serve it, make sure you cut it on an angle.
Enjoy and Happy Easter!


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  2. OH MY! That looks too good. You really got me drooling haha.

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