Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A GUST of wind

Dress: H&M, Wedges: DSW (MRKT), Belt: Ardenes, Bracelets: Gift, Tiffany's, Troll/Gift
 I love this fabric in dresses and skirts. Flowly and light especially on a hot summers day. I do not, however, enjoy the gusts of wind, slight breeze, that creeps up underneath and gives everyone a peep show. Or walking down the street with my hands desperately trying to keep it down so I don't give anyone an impromptu peep show.
How do you all deal with fabrics like this?


  1. Just found your blog, this polka dot dress is adorable on you and I totally know what you mean about the wind being so annoying. I want to wear dresses to work but walking there the wind gets me every time so I constantly have to keep my hands on my skirt to keep it down. hahah..Just part of being a girl I guess ;) You look great and I like your hair too. Following you now

  2. Such a lovely dress! The cut and the pattern are so cute! I can imagine it being from time to times a bit too light though. :) I've had a similar incident this summer too... The only way to handle situations like that is just to laugh off it. Like Dale just said, part of being a girl.

  3. i just let the wind blow!! ;)

  4. Love the dress!!! I always seem to wear a skirt on windy days. You have to just hold down the sides of the dress so you don't pull a Taylor Swift!


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