Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not for me

Cardi: Old Navy, Skirt: American Apparel, Tank: Garage, Shoes: TOMS
Last night, I was a hair model for my friend Jenn at Suki's. I was her "creative." She had four other models there all with a range of colours and highlights that she had done. The "big cheese" of the company and several others observed, poked and prodded every inch of our hair and didn't hold back when they saw something they didn't like. They thought my hair was "neat." 
I arrived at Suki straight after work so I didn't have time to properly have my hair done before it was judged (Jenn was able to run her hands through it a couple times and it looked great! Why can't I do that???) . I also didn't pay enough attention the night before when I braided it. I left too much at the bottom. The "observers" soon noticed that I had what is called in the hair industry a "fish hook". What the heck is that?! It's where the end of your hair is straight because that part wasn't in the braid. Who knew there was name for it. Jeepers. I'm going to be so conscious of it now.
 I learned that I could never be a model, never. They probably go through tens times worse then I did. That's a whole other story all together!
It's Jersday!


  1. I want big cheese to say my hair is neat. Or even a little cheese. Really I'll take anyone. It's such mop that avoiding staring right at it probably decreases your chances of future homelessness. Sounds like an awesome night!

  2. My hair only looks nice when I have it done it's back to normal as soon as I wash it.

    E :)


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