Friday, May 13, 2011


 Top/Pants: Dynamite, Sandals: Lauren Conrad, Necklace: F21

Skirt: Mantique (A long while ago), Cardi: Old Navy, Tank: ??, Sandals: Lauren Conrad 
Jeepers. That was a long nap Blogger had. It even took my Wednesday post for a cuddle.
The top outfit is what I wore on Thursday...
So this morning I was trying to get ready for work and B was hyper and really wanted to be in "my space" while trying to get ready. While I love cuddles and hugs from him, it's a titch frustrating when I've planned everything down to the minute from the time I wake up to the time I walk out the door to work to go to work.
I stumbled onto something genius so as not to hurt his feelings by saying get off me, your going to make me late. And, I made it up myself. Here's how it went:
While doing your hair and applying your make-up ask him for his help:
Me: Hey babe, wanna help me get ready faster so I can pay more attention to you?
B: Sure! What tis it?
Me: Can you go into the drawers beside my bed and find my long black skirt?
He rushes off to find it and he's so proud of himself when he does.
Me: Now, can you go into my dresser and get my tank top with the lace at the top?
He find it and holds it up delighted with himself.
Me: Now, last one, please find my cardi with the white spots on it.
Seriously, I think the is genius. Men love to achieve things. When I walked into my room everything was laid out nicely on my bed ready for me for me to get dressed. He's so wonderfuls. Extra bonus points for him also when he helped me pick out shoes to wear. 
Goodness me, he makes me laugh.
Happy weekend all!


  1. You have gorgeous hair and I'm loving these outfits, super cool

  2. I specially love that second outfit...and your ombre hair is so pretty too!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  3. This seems so carrie bradshaw inspired I love her she is iconic to me! Great outfit! =)


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