Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where to start part 1

Picture over load is about to take place. Wowzers! It's hard to choose which pictures to not put on here....

 Let the choir begin singing "ahhhhhhhhhh". What a wonderful place this was.

 An outdoor shopping mall with wonderful stores. I probably went here 4 times during my trip.

 The Wellness Spa that my finance's (boy that feels weird to say) brother and sister in law own at the Hyatt RegencyHotel in Newport Beach. Go there if you're ever in the area.

 B's 30th bday dinner at a place called Beachcomber's. It was right on the beach. Really yummy.

 Huntington Beach. Wow. This beach is gorgeous! I loved it here.

Laguna Beach. Cute little town with very very nice homes. Makes me wanna watch all the season's of Laguna Beach again to see if I recognize anything.
The next half of my trip tomorrow!

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