Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer is Canceled

Cardi: Old Navy, Tunic: Winners, Tights: H & M, Shoes/Bow Clip: Ardene, Purse: Gift/Coach
 My brother said  today that summer is canceled and this is so very true. I'm really starting to get upset with our Vancouver weather. I had to wear tights today. Sad face because this is fall, winter and spring attire. Not summer. Although it is a perfect temperature, it's not sunny and it's not really "let's suntan, go-for-a-dip-in-the-pool-that's-right-outside-my-door" kind of weather. And each day that it is sunny, which isn't often, I'm busy.
Weather network says RAIN until Saturday. 


  1. Oh us in Edmonton are having so much rain this year too! Hopefully it will clear up soon!!

    P.S. Stripes and a colored cardi looks awesome on ya!

    xo Nav

  2. opps hope the sun comes out soon. I wish I could lent you the sun here, we gets too much of it every day, it's a yicky feeling to be sweating the whole time. The stripes and blue cardi is great on you, I like the color of the cardi so cheery.


  3. I will send some sun and heat to you from Colorado. It has been plenty warm here. Love that striped dress!


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