Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The mens section

Cardigan: F21 (on sale for $4.99!),  Top: H&M (mens),  Skirt: F21,  Booties: Winners

You know, I never really thought to go into the mens section to look for things. On my way out of H&M the other day I had to pass through the mens section and I saw these basic tshirts for $6.95! They had similar ones in the woman's section for a tad more!
I thought to myself after scanning the tops of the racks, next time I'm here I'm going to look in the mens section first. I love anything over sized.
Have any of you tried shopping in the mens section?


  1. Only all the time! I have two sweaters from the men's section of Old Navy, and my friend even bought two men's button ups (they were $3 each)! You have some awesome finds in this post!

  2. Hey carrie!:) love the black and white combo! thanks for visiting and keep in touch!

    xx pauline

  3. Loved how you got the shirt in the men's section. Great idea! I love your blog.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'Gingham Peplum' I would love to read your feedback.


  4. hello Carrie! This is a very interesting outfit! Classic and lovely.

    xx, Sandra @

  5. i love your cardigan! i can't believe is was only $4.95, what a steal!

    xox brie


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