Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raincity and Eye Creams

Sweater: H&M, Dress (worn as skirt): Felicee, Shoes: Ardene
So I'm not sure if it's about time to complain about the weather here in raincity Vancouver. Is it too early? The emails I get in my inbox regarding "Spring Collections" are taunting me. Hello! I can't wear that yet, are you crazy!
Oh and....
I'm terribly sorry for not keeping you up to date with my Eye Cream review like I said I would. 
I haven't noticed any dramatic changes over the past 4 weeks. However, I do notice in the morning I don't feel so puffy tired or look so puffy tired in the under eye area. In all, I do recommend this product. But hey, everyone is different and it may not work for you! When I am done the tube, I'll give you a real review.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Such a cute outfit, I love the stripes with the printed skirt! xo


  2. Love the print mixing! You look adorable. Haha and i know, the spring ads are taunting!


  3. Cute outfit!
    Amazing blog! Can we follow back each other?

  4. Much better if you focus your shot on your eyes. But any way I like the outfit. And we will wait your next post that about eye cream reviews. Good luck!


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