Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cat and Mouse

Cardi: Old Navy, Dress: Aritzia (Old), Shoes: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, Camera Bag: THEIT, Bow headband: Ardene
You know, buying a place is like a game of cat and mouse. Back and forth- stress, back and forth-more stress. It's like pouring a can of pop over ice too fast and the foam rises to the top and spills over the edges. Well that's how I feel right now. I'm the type of person who likes to be in control of everything and this is one thing I've learned I can't be in control of. You never know what the sellers are thinking, or who've they've talked to or what other buyers have offered when you hear "there's another offer on the house."
My soda pop is flat now! We finally bought a place!!And I'm nervous! I've been a City girl for so long and now...I'm moving to the burbs! Eep!


  1. How cute! I love the pink cardi and your bag <3

  2. Well now comes the exciting part of moving, I guess... I've never moved in my life but I want to... Anyway, love your pink cardigan and how you kept the rest of the outfit black <3 it looks great

  3. Pretttyyy pink cardigan! <33



  4. Lovely I love your outfit! Purse, sweater, shoes, everything! Your newest follower <3 Sarah

    Follow back? :]

  5. oh my...congrats! I can't imagine what emotions you must be experiencing. I'm such a city gal too so moving to the "burbs" can be a weird feeling I can imagine. Good luck!
    nancy @ adore to adorn

  6. such a cute outfit! love the pop of color.

    & you are so pretty.

    happy monday
    xx :: ashlyn


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