Thursday, February 16, 2012

All planned out sorta

Sweater: H&M, Dress (worn as skirt): ASOS, Shoes: Ardene
This isn't what I was originally going to wear today. It's a nice substitution, yes, but when I went to retrieve my favourite F21 boyfriend sweater (this one), it wasn't in my closet. I haven't worn it in awhile. I think it's amazing how  my clothing can just up and walk away out of my closet. It's always when you know exactly what you want to wear. It's frustrating. And I'm sure it's frustrating for B watching me have a temper tantrum trying to find this missing sweater. Gosh I can be so silly sometimes.
So, I had to let go and find something else to wear. This is what I decided on in about 10 seconds. If it took longer, I'm sure I'd be Ms. Grumpy-don't-talk-to-me-today. 


  1. so stunning. amazing post, love. if you get a sec I have a fabulous giveaway valued at $634.50 that I'd love for you to enter. xo

  2. I love the pink skirt!
    great outfit! :)

  3. Great outfit! You are such a beautie!
    ♥ candace from mintblush
    latest post: love birds

  4. Cute outfit! ...and on the other hand, don't you love it when you find something in the closet that you forgot about because you haven't worn it so long and it goes perfectly what you are wearing! That's happened to me a few time before too. :)

  5. Cute sweater!

    xo Ashleigh

  6. so much cute outfit :)
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    XX JUNO ♥
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    THANK YOU :))

  7. You still look pretty, it happened the same to me yesterday but the item I wanted to wear was not clean so I had to change it all... annoying. Love the skirt and the sweater though :)

  8. You're too pretty - love the little pop of pink chiffon our of your sweater!

  9. cute combined between your dress and sweater <3
    I like your outfit! Would you like to follow each other? :D



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