Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wedding robbery

Blazer: F21, Dress worn as skirt: H&M, Top: Jacob (old), Shoes: Shoe Warehouse
As the time before the arrival of my wedding dwindles, I decided to contact my wedding coordinator about contacts for people to do my hair as well as my bridesmaids. Reminder, I am getting married in Maui, so I don't know anyone there. She sent me a link to one place that charges $185 for the bride and $85 ++ for the bridemaids! $70 for the little flower girls who still have baby hair! My jaw nearly hit the floor. Conveniently, some of them have their regular prices if you're just going in there to get your hair done, no occasion. $40. Geezus, people hear the word "wedding" and they try and rob you!
Looks like I may be doing my own hair.


  1. great skirt!

  2. Thats a lovely lace dress !
    I know the feeling - At a family wedding, the stylist was charging a bomb & that too, she was charging extra per bridesmaid! I didn't want to put any excess financial strain on the family so I straightened my own hair. And honestly, It turned out amazing :)

    All the best for the wedding !

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  4. So true. I had a lot of frustrating moments planning my wedding but it all usually works out in the end. Best of luck and enjoy Maui!

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