Thursday, January 5, 2012


Cardi: Target, T-Shirt: H&M, Skirt: American Apparel, Shoes: Ardene
I arrived home this evening to find a wedding RSVP mailed back blank. Someone sent it back without writing in accepts or regrets or their name. Ugh. We do have a deadline of February 1 so we can narrow it down then, but I'd just like to know who it is! It's like waiting for a surprise only it's not a surprise. It's just a blank RSVP. 
On another note, what a gorgeous morning it was here in Vancouver!


  1. Love the polka dot shirt, so cute!

    I got lucky when I had my wedding, didn't get a single RSVP with no name on it. I did get a lot of people that didn't RSVP at all though! Oh the joys of wedding planning, haha. :)


  2. Love the polka-dot tee! I'm in a bit of a polka-dot phase myself :D

    Thanks for the lovely comment Carrie - You've got an amazing blog here! Following you right away :)

    Have a great day !

  3. so pretty :-) we could follow each other on fb and google if you want to !<3

  4. Oh, dear, I know how you fell... except, when my hubby and I were planning a wedding, some people didn't respond AT ALL, but then showed up at the wedding anyway... duh, that is just plain, I don't know, weird... Wishing you all the good luck planning it :) You look lovely too!
    Good luck!

  5. love how cute you look in polka dots


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