Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A wild three months, baby

Jacket: Abercrombie (Ebay-Old), Dress:  ASOS, Leggings: Ardene, Shoes: Random Store, Belt: Thrifted
Oh hi there! Boy (or girl-hehe) that was a long break!
To cut to the point, I'M PREGNANT! I'm 13 weeks along now and in my second trimester.
I didn't think I was going to take such a long break, but as it turned out my little nugget, now a little lemon, wasn't making it an easy first trimester for me. It was awful. I could barely dress myself each day. Due this October!
So lets break it down:
First trimester
Morning sickness. For me, it was not morning sickness. It was all day sickness. Some mornings and evenings I would break down and cry because I couldn't take it any longer. Usually when I am sick I can just power through it without letting it get me down. But this has been near impossible. I did as best as I could and only ended up missing one day of work. Looking back, I probably should have taken more time off and taken care of myself because going to work was torture.  Car sickness crept up on me. This is the worst 'cause I can't just stop wherever I want on a busy highway. So we keep a container in the car just in case. I know there are medications you can take to help with your nausea, but I decided I wanted to try not using them and instead use Sea Bands which thank god my cousin's wife recommended. These things definitely take the edge off.  I forgot them the other day and actually barfed in the car. Yes sorry TMI.
Recently, I am doing better. I don't have nausea all day, just TIRED with the occasional sickness as well as the constant motion sickness in the car.
Eating: Not everyone is the same, but I have not started eating for 2. I heard that's a myth anyways. I actually think I might be eating a little less now than when I wasn't pregnant. It probably has something to do with the nausea and being so darn tired all the time. Either way, if my babes is healthy I'll be happy not to pack on the extra weight like some others do. My mid-wife told me a healthy weight gain for me and my body type would be 25-30lbs, so I'll try and keep it in that range. I do not want the stress over having to lose so much extra weight after I have the baby.  I've also cut down on my caffeine intake. Funny enough though, I'm totally turned off regular coffee and tea. Yuck. Makes my tummy turn even thinking about it. I used to LOVE coffee and couldn't live without it. Now I have a French Vanilla from Tim Hortons every other day. Oh and Lays Dill Pickle Chips.I crave those sometimes. Speaking of cravings, I've had them, but I don't go crazy over getting them. One of them being Jamocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins. I haven't caved in yet.  I probably will soon though.
Aversions:  The smell of cigarette smoke sends me over the edge -barf. and Car exhaust -barf.
Exercise: Because my husband and I both drive in to work Downtown together we park near his work and I walk instead of taking the bus the rest of the way to my work. It's about a 25 to 30 min walk. So I use that as my exercise. Because half of it is up hill, it is starting to take me a bit longer, I'm out of breath! Sometimes I feel like I just ran a marathon! When the weather gets nicer, I'll hopefully add in a swims a couple times a week.

All in all I'm hoping that everyone is right when saying the second trimester is a breeze. I'm still waiting on this breeze part, but so far it's better than the first.
Thanks for sticking with me on my break.  I'm pretty excited to paste on some maternity clothing soon! Thank god maxi dresses and skirts are so in right now!


  1. OMG. You are too cute. Your pregnancy style is amazing. :)

    I would love for you to stop by and enter my latest handbag giveaway!

  2. Congrats! Hope everything will go for the best for you and your baby ;-))

  3. Aww you look adorable! I am 17 weeks along and this has been the craziest (and best) experience ever. I am so sorry that you were that sick- it started getting better for me around week 14!

    xx Lynzy

    1. Congrats to you! I think week 14 is the ticket! Starting to feel better! Good luck!

  4. Such an adorable look! The swanprint is the cutest ever!

    x Sam

  5. I am overwelmed and I love it.

  6. Congrats! You look beautiful and I love your outfit too :)

    xo Ashley


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