Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thoughts on marriage

Becoming a wife has been the craziest, most fulfilling experience that has ever happened me. I guess some people would say obviously, until you have kid/s which to me sounds even crazier. 
The strangest feeling through the whole getting married experience was probably the day before the wedding and the day of (but before the actual ceremony). I felt like my 29 years flashed before my eyes. My entire identity has been "Carrie Anne Smith" and now it's changed. My name, since I was born, has changed. I'm now Carrie Anne Corrall. It's so weird.
Me and my dadda

Mama, me, Dadda, Sister, Brother

Husband, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law * Corralls*

While my mom is remarried and my sister is married, which already had them with different last names then me - that last day and a half I kinda internally had to say goodbye to my brother and my dad. Not goodbye in the sense of goodbye nice knowin' you, but goodbye in the sense of separation. Unless people see that we have similar physical features that can tip people off that we're family, strangers who don't know us or can't see it wouldn't know that we are. We don't have the same last name anymore.
Many people asked me over my Maui wedding vacation, if I was "okay." While I was the happiest I had ever been, the wedding, my wedding, was still a lot to take in.
I guess this whole marriage thing will take some getting used to and maybe I'm thinking too much about it. But this Carrie Smith was born sensitive. 
I still feel like a child who plays dress up wedding. Not actual wedding. I'm all grown up.
I have a husband and I am a wife.
A wife =)


  1. Marriage definitely takes some getting used to. And a ton of hard work. But it is the BEST! There is nothing more satisfying than making it through each day with my hubs by my side :)

  2. I love these pics! Congratulations on your marriage!

  3. i loved changing my name. i think my new name sounds better! and marriage is wonderful - i guess i've only been married like 15 months now, and 10 of those 15 my husband and i have been living apart, but we did live together for 4+ years before getting married. you will love it! and CONGRATS! so exciting

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. aww congrats! That is SO exciting!

  5. So exciting! Beautiful pictures.

  6. Congratualtions! You look amazing!

    Love Storm

  7. LOL I believe you'll get used to being a Wife!! My bff got married last year and neither me or her could believe was so weird coz I didn't know if she'll B a diferent person (can't call her or go out w/ her anytime) but after a year, I realize nothing has actually changed so don't worry!! Would you like to follow each other via GFC? I sure would love to :)

    P.S. Congrats, I'm happy for you!

  8. lol .so quite.Who are they your near?


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